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Naturopathic and integrative medicine services at Be The Change Wellness Center can help you to take a deep dive into the foundations of health through a holistic lens. Classes include weight loss, pediatric nutrition, tooth health, blood sugar balance, and more.

Join our Holistic Medical Weight Loss Program

Our weight loss program combines both in person therapies, online classes, and one on one consults with our Naturopathic Doctor. Lose weight by addressing the whole person through nutrition, lifestyle, and detoxification. Address the various contributions to obesity using an individualized approach, where we will look for underlying causes such as hormone imbalance, gut dysfunction, and insulin resistance.

12 weeks to wellness

Our innovative weight loss program includes
the following:

4 one-on-one Naturopathic consults

Twice weekly ionic foot detox sessions (24 sessions at a $720 value)

Personalized wellness plan

Twice weekly Infrared sauna sessions (24 sessions at a $720 value)

Health Assessment

Twice weekly weight loss shots (24 injections at a $300 value)

12 weekly group classes discussing holistic weight loss methods

Tailored meal plan

food n me 12 weeks program

Pediatric Nutrition

If you struggle to feed your kids healthy food and find difficulty discerning between what is healthy and what is not, this 12 week program is for you!
  • Learn to make healthy food choices
  • Participate in 2 fun, engaging exercise classes
  • Variety of topics
  • A fun way to learn with the whole family
  • Sibling discount offered

Coming Soon

Be on the lookout for our upcoming classes that will help you to stay informed to be at your healthiest.
Our tooth health class will explore an often overlooked but vital root causes of chronic disease- oral health!
Our blood sugar balancing class will help in your approach to managing your diet along with other strategies to control fluctuations in blood sugar, which can have a host of consequences.
Root Canel

Benefits of Integrative Medicine for Diabetes

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Better Mood &

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Improved Health

Recommended Books

We believe that education is empowering and helps you take control of your health! Here
are some of our favorite books to learn natural approaches to wellness.

book the rain barrel effect


Dr. Cabral explores his most effective tools from his clinical practice in successful and healthy weight loss.

book your hidden allergies are making you fat


Dr. Rivera discusses the role that food sensitivities play on the immune system, inflammation, metabolism, and obesity and how the ALCAT test can help to uncover these food sensitivities.

Ways We Can Help

Naturopathic and integrative medicine services

Naturopathic & Integrative Medicine Services

Our naturopathic doctor and osteopathic physician will guide you in choosing the most appropriate therapies for weight loss. Options might include nutritional supplements or IV nutritional infusions to boost your nutrient status, infrared sauna therapy to support detoxification, or other natural and holistic therapies.

Injection Therapies

Injection Therapies

Injectable nutrients provide optimal doses of specific factors necessary for mobilizing fats through various organ systems. They also provide the energy that is needed to facilitate metabolic processes that become stagnant when a person is overweight. The various compounds used include amino acids and vitamins.

Infrared Sauna Therapy

Infrared Sauna Therapy

Relax and rejuvenate in a peaceful sauna while supporting your body’s circulation and detoxification for healing, muscle recovery, and more. Boost your sauna experience with chromotherapy (colored light) or red light therapy.

Personalized Wellness Plans

Through integrative and naturopathic medicine principles, we have developed personalized and comprehensive plans that provide a foundation in nutrition and physical activity so that you can achieve your optimal potential.

Featured Personalized Wellness Plans

Wellness Plans offer targeted support through guided nutritional recommendations,
weekly recipes, and check-ins with our naturopathic doctor. Here are some of our plans
that help to support blood sugar balance.

Anti-inflammatory Autoimmune Paleo Protocol

Anti-inflammatory Autoimmune Paleo Protocol

Autoimmune Paleo Protocol is used to treat inflammatory disease and reduce inflammation in the intestines which can lead to autoimmune disease.

Exercise—Basic Walking Plan

This walking schedule based on guidelines from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and the National Physical Activity Guidelines can start you on the path to better fitness and health. Talk with your doctor if you’ve been sedentary for a long time or you have serious health issues.

Gluten-Free Diet

A guide for people who suffer from Celiac Disease or a Gluten Sensitivity. Learn steps to remove gluten from your diet and enjoy delicious recipes that are gluten free.

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